Miniaturized packaging


It is an intelligent and promising new generation packaging. Indeed they have made the luggage backpacks smaller. Various industries are being catered and in this digital world with digital nomads, people are travelling and travelling.

Food and beverage industry:

Miniaturized packaging has opened up vast options for single-serving portions. Smaller portions are easier to carry, fit the pocket and eco-friendly. Our values for not wasting any portion of food is maintained by means of miniature packs like small tetra pack bottled juices, sauce sachets, sauce dip pots and many more in the number. Even elegance and flavours got added with added options of packaging. Having condiments served in sauce dip pots is more elegant and sophisticated rather than pouring in a separate container.

Even the takeaway food stores were introduced with the same concept that people do value time and can eat while they travel while rushing to office, while going back home, while being hungry, of course.

Cosmetics industry:

Single serving packs of cosmetics have made them again very easy to carry. There are plenty of cosmetics to try from. As far as cosmetics are concerned, every consumer wants to try before adopting it. When available in miniature packs, it becomes relevant and increases the probability for a consumer to give in a trial. And when we talk of travelling, a lot has to be carried along. Starting from the toothpaste, shower gels, shampoos, the list is big. Who on adventure camp would like to carry heavy luggage? Miniature packaging has solved its purpose by making these things available in custom single servings.


Some healthcare products like effervescent antacids, or multivitamins come in miniature single-serve packs. Open the pack, pour in the glass, drink the mixture and dispose of the pack. Again easy to carry while travelling.